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28-May- 211RehabilitationMD Question Papers
1985Yoga for bronchial asthma: a controlled study.Nagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.
1991Oxygen consumption during pranayamic type of very slow-rate breathingTelles, Shirley; Desiraju, T.
Oct-1991yoga- chair breathing for acute episodes of bronchial asthmaNagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.; Seethalakshmi R.
1992Yoga therapy for NIDDM: a controlled trial.Monroe,Robin; J Power.; Kumar, A.; Nagarathna R.; P, Dandona
Jan-1992Devakeralam-part-1-by-SanthanamChandrakala-NadiSanthanam R; Achyuta,
1993Physiological changes in sports teachers following 3 months of training in YogaTelles, Shirley; Nagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.; Desiraju, T.
3-Aug-1993Recording of auditory middle latency evoked potentials during the practice of meditation with the syllable ‘OM’Telles, Shirley; Desiraju, T.
5-May-1994Plasticity of motor control systems demonstrated by yoga training.Telles, Shirley; Hanumanthaiah, B.H.; Nagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.
1996Physiological measures during right nostril breathing.Telles, Shirley; Nagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.
1-Aug-1996Progressive increase in critical flicker fusion frequency following yoga training.Vani, P.R.; Nagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.; Telles, Shirley
1997Yoga for rehabilitation: an overviewTelles, Shirley; Naveen, K.V.
1-Feb-1997Greatness of Saturn Therapeutic MythSvoboda, Robert E.
15-Mar-1997Muscle power, dexterity skill and visual perception in community home girls trained yoga or sports and in regular school girls.Raghuraj, P.; Telles, Shirley
17-Jul-1997Pranayama increases grip strength without lateralized effects.Raghuraj, P.; Nagarathna R.; Nagendra H.R.; Telles, Shirley
1998Shorter latencies of Components of middle latency auditory evoked potentials in congenitally blind compared to normal sighted subjects.Manjunath N.K.; Srinivas, R.; Nirmala, K.S.; Nagendra H.R.; Kumar, A.; Telles, Shirley
1999Yoga based relaxation versus supine rest: a study of oxygen consumption, breath rate and volume & autonomic measuresVempati, R.P.; Telles, Shirley
1999Transcranial Doppler studies of middle cerebral artery blood flow following different test conditions.Naveen, K.V.; Nagendra H.R.; Telles, Shirley; Garner, C.
1999Yoga Based Isometric Relaxation Versus Supine Rest: A Study of Oxygen Consumption, Breath Rate and Volume and Autonomic MeasuresVempati, R.P.; Telles Shirley
3-Jun-1999Yoga training and motor speed based on a finger tapping task.Dash, Manoj; Telles, Shirley