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Title: Yoga Sudha
Authors: Nagendra, H. R.
Arathi, Jagannathan
Keywords: Yoga Sudha
Monthly journal
S Vyasa jounal
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2016
Publisher: Nagendra, H. R.
Abstract: We saw in the editorial last month that the Panchakosha Model can provide a nice philosophical, scientific basis for Integration of the Modern Allopathic System with our ancient Indian AYUSH System. The need of the hour is to develop a Holistic Pluralistic Health-care Delivery System which provides evidence based modalities for prevention, promotion of positive health, immediate relief to the patients, effective treatment with least side effects, long term rehabilitation on one hand and cost effective, sustainable system which can be replicated and scaled up all over the country in both urban and rural sectors. So far over the last 4 decades, VYASA / S-VYASA have been able to use Yoga as an effective adjunct to modern medical system to deal with modern NCDs and developed a nice model in Arogyadhama as a residential 250 beds treatment centre in Prashanti Kutiram campus. We also have developed the outpatient clinical model for integrated system in cities as VH, VYG, etc which have started fast spreading. Andhra Government has come forward to ask us to set up such centres in 7 temple cities of the state. Shanghai centre in China has started operating with wonderful results.
ISSN: 0972074X
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