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This Division offers short-term courses and elective courses (to be chosen by MSc and PhD students). The Department of Health Sciences is attached with a 160 beds yoga therapy Health Home (Arogyadhama) meant to not only treat the yoga therapy participants (we do not call them patients) suffering from various modern ailments but also draw normal persons for prevention of possible illness and promotion of positive health by the Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT). The students will not only acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience by their own yoga practices but also get the rich experience of working with doctors, senior yoga therapists and with the yoga therapy participants. Handling them under severe conditions of the diseases immensely help them to become confident of their learning and usefulness of IAYT. The research section with modern gadgets helps them to measure the changes in these participants to assess the improvements. The Department of Bio-Sciences includes the following laboratories: the psychophysiology, Neuro-psychology, sleep lab, metabolic analyzer lab, immune lab, bio-chemistry and psychology labs. It is here that the students get the necessary training to do research of international standards. The modern scientific research is applied to esoteric dimensions of tradition as well as investigations into the paranormal. Essentially this department is meant for the basic research to understand the effects of various yoga practices on human systems. The Department of Natural Sciences has 8 sections encompassing a large spectrum of living systems and their changes due to interactions with human beings. The effect of Agnihotra, Sound, Music, Vedic chanting etc. on plants and animals is studied in great detail in this department. The department includes agricultural farms, gardens, forests, horticultural plants and a GoSala with more than 100 cows. The usefulness of cowdung, Gomutra or urine of cows as possible medicines is also studied.

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