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a. Investigations to add dimensions to the existing scientific knowledge base from the wisdom of yoga and spiritual lore to unearth the secrets about Prana, Consciousness, Mind and its facets, Panca Kosas, Reality etc. b. To use the non-linear modelling to describe the unseen dimensions of prana. c. To develop mathematical models using the tool of quantum mechanics to track the regions beyond inert matter. d. Development of new methods of research to include the observer and thus to bring the element of subjective components into investigations without losing the rigors of modern science. e. Studies related to interaction of consciousness fields with the electro-magnetic, high energy, low energy and quantum fields. f. Understanding the dimensions involved in Vastu, Pyramids and thus, the unknown and unseen dimensions of cosmic influences in astronomy, cosmological models and engineering sciences. g. Investigations into the esoteric dimensions of physical sciences available in yoga and spiritual lore.

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