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Title: Muscle power, dexterity skill and visual perception in community home girls trained yoga or sports and in regular school girls.
Authors: Raghuraj, P.
Telles, Shirley
Keywords: community home
physical activity
Issue Date: 15-Mar-1997
Publisher: Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Abstract: The present study was conducted to compare critical flicker fusion frequency (CFF), degree of optical illusion ("di"), dexterity scores, and grip strength in three groups of subjects, viz community home girls who had learned yoga for 6 months (CHY), age-matched community home girls who had physical activity training for 6 months (CHP), and girls who were attending a regular school (SCH). There were equal numbers in each group for each of the 4 assessment (range 11 to 30 subjects) and age range was 12 to 16 years. The CHP group had significantly lower CFF and "di" was significantly higher (one factor ANOVA, t test for unpaired data) in the CHP group, both compared to CHY and SCH groups. Right hand grip strength was also significantly less in the CHP group compared to SCH. The results were explained by previous reports of high levels of anxiety and aggression in community-home groups, which is known to influence the four parameters described here. The better performance of the CHY group compared to CHP, suggested that yoga practice has a beneficial effect in these subjects.
Description: Research Papers - Muscle Power Dexterity skill and Visual Perception in Community home girls trained in yoga
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