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Title: Part – I Concept of Unmada According to Indian Scriptures and Part – II Effect of Yoga on Adhd Children
Authors: Dibyendu Bandopadhyay
Keywords: MSc
Concept of Unmada
Indian Scriptures
Adhd Children
Issue Date: 12-Jan-2012
Publisher: Saraswati Central Library
Citation: Bangalore
Abstract: Objective: This pre and post with control design evaluated the effect of yoga add on attention and ADHD symptoms. Methods: There were 63 ADHD children in the age range of 6 to 14 years.Potential participant were assessed pre and post intervention on ADHD Rating Symptoms Scales and Six Letter Cancelletion Test. (SLCT) Yoga traing was given by yoga teacher for 1houar, 4 days in a week for 4 months and consisted of Suryanamaskar, Nadisuddhi and Bhramari with Special Education. The control group were practiceed only special education (Behavior modification, Councelling) for equal duration of time. Results: SLCT and ADHD Symptoms Rating Score showed Significant improvedment in SLCT score and ADHD score in Yoga group.Where as Control group Showed decrease in SLCT. Yoga group found significantly differ from control group.
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